January 2003   Screen Printing Magazines
January 2003 Screen Printing Magazine
Screen Printing Magazine is 50 Years Old
New ASPT Members Announced p.8 Bron Wolff, Daniel Gilsdorf, Robert Gellemare
Joe Clarke, ASPT presented with 2002 Swormstedt Award p.8 "Balancing Act"
Lawson Trooper Automatic Garment Press profile p.12 Starts at $11,500
Reducing Dot Gain and Improving Tone Range Through Posterization Mark Coudray, ASPT p.22
Halftone tone range, print contrast and image detail.
Saving Money with Simple Solutions Peter Kiddell & Carol Swift p.26 Pad Printing
Critical Communication Rick Davis, ASPT p.32
Corporate buyers and contractors must communicate
Build a Better Computer System Mark Goodridge p.36 5 Step Program to Build New Computer
Time Capsule - 50 Year Birthday of Screen Printing Magazine p.42
Supercharge Your Separating Speed In Photoshop Thomas Trimingham p.44
Action scripts, layer styles and key shortcuts.
Understanding Your Options in Screen Cleaning and Reclaiming Geoff McCue, ASPT p.52
Custom Decorating With Digital-Transfer Technology Tom Frecska p.58
Digitally produced heat transfers primer.
Anniversary Acknowledgements Tom Frecska p.80 Thanks to all on 50th birthday
The Isolation Process Jeffrey Gitomer p.18
Job From Hell! Tony Pepitone p.22 - gel ink
Before Cutting Prices, Think Twice Vince DeCecco p.30
The Third Degree Jeff Campos p.34 - process separations
Athletic Decorating Options James Ortolani p.40
Preventive Maintenance Joe Clarke, ASPT p.54
Automatic Press Showcase p.54 no author listed
Before Purchasing an Automatic Textile Press John Coburn, SGIA p.63
Plan, Prepare, Proceed, Persist Maia Tress p.72 great new picture - "Guerilla-marketing" tips.
Joe Clarke, ASPT receives Swormstedt Award p.86
Decorators Score with Cutting-Edge Techniques - Cover Story - Melanie Allison, Associate Editor
Innovative techniques put decorators in the end zone.
What's new in the industry's most dynamic sector? Deborah Sexton, Contributing Editor
10 Smart Moves for New Business Owners James Ortolani
Start-up screen printers face daunting decisions when it comes to daily operations.
10 Ways to Guarantee Start-Up Success Mark Coudray, ASPT
There's a reason so many small businesses fail. Here are some simple ways to help you succeed.
Screen Printing Equipment and Supplies Wendy Angel, Assistant Editor

Better Business–The PROFITcycle: Audit & Review Greg Kitson
Keeping your shop healthy and profitable begins with an overall management review.
Graphics PC–Don't Be Afraid of Darks Scott Fresener, ASPT
CorelDraw can help you create underbases that bring out the best in your designs.
Embroidery Basics–No More Rainy Day Blues Jimmy Lamb
Embroidering on waterproof garments isn't as hard as it may seem.
Digitizing Pro–Earn the Fringe Benefits Steve Wilson
Along with all things '70s, fringe is popular again. Make the most of this funky decorating opportunity.
Sublimation Sales–Gear Up for Spring Jim Woodhouse
Knowing how and where to market your sublimatable products is the first step to sales success.
In the Trenches: On Main's Street Wendy Angel, Assistant Editor
A keen eye toward customer service keeps Christy & Main on the road to success.
First Quarter issue hasn't arrived yet
SGIA Print News January 2003
First issue with new title
Data Sheet Introduction p.3
How To Measure and Test Plastisol Ink Johnny Shell of the SGIA p.5
4Q4 Lowen Corp's Gordon Brown p.8
Effects of Drying Temperature on Screen Tension by SPTF announcement p.15
The Tri-Face Challenge - Justin Green's Sign Game p.8 Pigeons are trouble
No screen printing
Linealizatión un proceso efectivo para medios tonos Part 1 Mark Coudray, ASPT p.20
Cinco consejos para usuarios de Photoshop Thomas Trimingham p.36
Competición en un mercado internacional Rick Davis, ASPT p.56
OLED Technology p.17
Digital Fabric Printing in the 20th Century - Dye Sub vs. Direct Printing p. 32
Second Surface Graphics p. 58
Ken Higgins Farewell p. 64
Jan/Feb Big Picture
Monitors: Serving a variety of visual purposes Randall Reese p.46 Big list and 6 profiles
COPYRIGHTS: what they are, how to protect them Jake Widman p.60

The Problem with Print-Life Projections Eric Everett p.66
Eleven reasons not to base service-life predictions for ink-jet prints on accelerated lab tests
1. Light spectra
2. Light intensity
3. Temperature sensitivity of materials
4. Ambient temperatures
5. Humidity
6. Stability in the dark
7. Linearity of degradation
8.Reciprocity failure
9. Gas (ozone) fading
10. Catalytic fading
11. Lux vs. UV
Graphics Pro January 2003
First Issue of publication of the Graphic Products Association (GPA) -
former Personalized Products News

What Business Are We In? John McDaniel p.4
Why the Apparel Graphics Guild Is Being Organized
Mark Venit, Chancellor, Apparel Graphics Guild p.6
Walking The Aisles of SGIA 2002 Deborah Sexton p.13
SGIA 2002: Next Generation Products Bill Leek p.16
CorelDRAW 11 - Part 1 John McDaniel p.17
Turn T-Shirts into Team Uniforms: Tutorial Karin Bellinghausen p.19
Good Phone Mark L. Venit, MBA p.28
Air Compressors - Part 2 Judy McDaniel p.31
Expanding into Sublimation Judy & John McDaniel p.32
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