Printwear Articles - Art, Techniques and Management
Adding Art to Embroidery (513 kb)   Troy Cameron -Less is more. Nov 98
Don't Shoot the Color Separator  It may not be the color separators fault (206 kb) Joe Clarke Feb 2002 p.80  

Improving on Original Art (291 kb)  Step-by-step improvements & the finished product
Improving on the Original Art (291 kb)  Step-by-step improvements and the finished product
Is Your Art Department Making Money? (157 kb) by Jeff Campos May 1999 p.30
It Doesn’t Have to be a Nightmare (148 kb) by Rick Roth Feb 1999 p. 78
PerformanceWear on Parade (218 kb)
Restarting Your Art Department (165 kb) by Katie Showalter Feb 1998 p.58
Testing and Measurement (256 kb) By Joe Clarke July 1998 p.86
The Profitable Art Department (187 kb) by Rick Roth Feb 1998 p.54