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A Guide to Mesh Selection Peter Rose of Active Screen Europe Ltd
Screenprinting in Mongolia!  Barrie Evans sets up shop in Mongolia.
Tips on Dryer Maintenance
Reflecting on Workers' Safety  Jonathan Vince on BS EN471:1994 Standard for high visibility clothing.
Understanding the Flock Process  Dutch Drehle examines the growing popularity of flocking.
Zodd's Law  Bawdy, bold and funny screen printing news from outer space.

A New Angle on High Build Inks  John Mason uses high build inks to create 'Latent Image' and 'Kinetic Colour' prints.
High Density Ink on Caps by Roger Jennings
Plastisol Ink Film Failure  Ray Smith of Wilflex
Plastisol Ink Management   by Mike Ukena, Union Ink Company
Who Needs Plastisol? No Author

Combining Transfers and Embroidery
Embroidery as Art
Embroidering Delicate Fabrics
Peak Practice - Embroidering Hats
The Importance of Good Underlay Nick Polazzo on underlay stitches for knit fabrics.

Part-Time Workers' Rights  John McQueen on changes to part-time workers" employment rights in the UK.
Suggestive Selling Alan Bird
Surviving as a Sole Trader
Why you should be a limited company.

Index Separations in Photoshop Bob Alabaster creates an indexed separation, with only a photo, a logo and a layout.
Gray Component Replacement  Mark Coudray explains how GCR can simplify 4-colour process printing.

Scott Fresener of U. S. Screen Printing Institute in Tempe (Phoenix) Arizona USA
Advanced Distressing Techniques
Creating Distressed Look Prints
Four-Color Process Separations in Photoshop
Gaining an Edge   Liven up t-shirt designs with fashionable "edge" effects in Photoshop.
Making quick white underbases in CorelDRAW
Photoshop 6.0 - is the upgrade worth it for screenprinters?
Process, Simulated Process, Index or What??
Presenting your Art
Production Friendly Separations
Top 10 Photoshop Tips
Trapping in CorelDRAW
Underbasing Techniques
Using a Scanner the Correct Way
Using Vellum to burn screens
Using Vector Type in Photoshop 6.0
Using Layers in Photoshop 5.0
What Every Artist Should Know
Screen Printing
Better Print Quality and Higher Production
Buy Right!-Equipment, that is
Fundamental Printing Techniques
Fundamentals of Applying Direct Emulsion
Manual Press Set-Up
Stop Snivelling! Stop complaining about bad ink and spend time reading Technical Data Sheets.
Speeding Up Manual Printing Production
Using Specialty Inks and Special Effects Printing

Mark Goodridge
A day in the life of a textile screenprinting business
A Guide to Personal Selling
An Introduction to Quality Control
Credit Management for Screenprinters
Counting the Cost of Quality Control
Finding Hidden Profits
Mike Fink on Quality Control
How to Increase Profits Without printing one more Shirt
Instrumentation for screenprinters
Just Say No? Should you be all things to all customers?
Organising a Profitable Training Program
Publicity - The Secret Weapon in Your Marketing Plan
Six Reasons not to Sell on Price
Victor Pareto and the 80/20 Rule

Mac Lover Jeff Campos 1995 Los Angeles Jeff Campos of Electronic Design Group - Layton Utah USA
Celestial Whites
Digital Cameras come of Age
Drawing the Line
Getting your colour right
Lights, Camera - Action Palette!
Ol' Mac Tip 'n' Trick Had a Mouse
Protecting your Image In-house imagesetters
Resolution - how much do you need?
Scoring an Artroom Production Symphony
Simple Shapes and Profound Profiles
To upgrade or not to upgrade?
Using Layers in Photoshop
Workable Solutions